Sunday, November 10, 2013

Exposing Iranian political fraud ahreeman x

Many are familiar with an individual who goes by the name ahreeman x and who runs a website called IranPoliticsClub.  This individual is an american government backed provacetur who has spread lies about many people, myself included.  He claims to use an alias to protect himself and complains that his site has been taken down many times because of anti-mullah political activity. 
As to the latter many sites involved in anti-mullah activities are still operational, so the most likely reason for his site being taken down in the past is for slander.  As for using an alias it is in all probability an attempt to cover his tracks.  This person ahreman x claims to teach at the department of computer science at san diego state university
However when one checks photos of the faculty, as well as the website for san diego state university, there NONE of them match ahreeman x
In all likelihood this ahreeman x is using manipulated photos to throw people off and to bolster his delusions


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