Sunday, December 29, 2013

Example of armenian supremacist troublemker meddling in america

I had only been recently informed of this act, as this action by the armenian revolutionary federation was done in so sneaky a manner as to avoid any open public criticism and dissent
The armenian revolutionary federation is a political terrorist organization which advocates armenian supremacy and uses criminal activities and political manipulation, like the kind shown here, to achieve their aims.  Had these actions received proper attention people could have pointed out the falseness of the claims by Nagorno-Karbakh and it's arf backers.  Even more disturbing is that the arf chapter which sponsored this meets in a church, which is a clear violation of american laws
The armenian revolutionary federation is a racial supremacist terror group and it's members, be they zobian or avetisyan usw., deserve to be shot, and non armenians who back them deserve whatever they get.


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