Saturday, December 14, 2013

Man railroaded by taylor swift in my old neighborhood

Notice the timing of this incident in my old neighborhood.  This happened right after her appearance on the victorias secret show. If the locals were not intent on using her family's property as a tourist draw this incident would not have happened.  Incidentally I know judge quirk as well, and I am suprised to her objection to this man being deported if he is found guilty or pleads nolo, and to his being ordered an evaluation and held without bail.  Hundreds of people, myself included, walk by her place, either on the beach or on the sidewalk, so this man appears to be set up.


Man charged with trespassing on Taylor Swift’s property
Published: December 12, 2013 | Last Modified: December 13, 2013 09:31AM
By A.J. ALGIER Sun Staff Writer

WAKEFIELD — A 23-year-old visitor to the U.S. said he was in Watch Hill for a birthday party when security guards on Taylor Swift’s property stopped him “for no reason” and called Westerly police.

Vladimir Levant appeared Thursday on a trespassing charge in 4th Division District Court before Judge Madeline Quirk who reminded him that his rights included remaining silent and not incriminating himself.

Westerly police say Levant climbed over the sea wall near 16 Bluff Ave., and onto the access road, and according to Swift’s security personnel, eventually was “clearly on the property.” Security personnel said Levant ignored several verbal commands to leave the property. Swift was not home at the time of the incident, police said. Her 24th birthday is today.

As the judge explained the misdemeanor willful trespass charge, Levant alternately said he did not understand the charges and answered questions clearly. English is his third language, Russian is his primary language and Hebrew is his secondary language, he said.

Levant said he had been staying in Brooklyn, N.Y., on vacation since August. He said he planned to leave Nov. 22, but “my father canceled the ticket.” He said he had only $1 in his pocket.

“You swine,” Levant said to sheriffs who he claimed had his handcuffs on too tight. He said he was being treated shamefully and “God is with us.”

Westerly Police Lt. Phil Williams said Levant had a minor criminal history in New York, including a trespassing charge. The disposition on those charges was unavailable.

Levant suggested he be provided with money to get a train back to New York where he would visit the Israeli consulate which might get him a flight out of the country. Judge Quirk reminded him he had to be back in court on Jan. 3 for a pretrial hearing.

The judge initially suggested bail of $1,000 with surety, but asked that Levant meet with a representative of pretrial services to determine if a mental health evaluation would be needed. Later, after again meeting with the judge, it was determined he would be held without bail to undergo a mental health screening.


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