Saturday, February 01, 2014

Elaborating on my recent interview with Barry Chamish

During my recent talk with Barry Chamish I revealed some things about some goings on by berge zobian and the Armenian revolutionary federation, some of which Barry was unclear on and which I did not have time to completely clarify.  You can listen to the interview below
Back in 2008-9 when berge and I had been talking about Armenian affairs during Providence Gallery night events I brought to his attention the situation of Hamazap Hovhanessian, who always complained how the Armenian community had left him and other Armenians who had fallen on hard times in the gutter, and I essentially shamed berge into helping Hamazap find a place to stay, though Hamazap lost his place during the floods in early 2010.
Hamazap Hovhanessian’s father was General Hamazap, who commanded the third Batallion of the Armenian Volunteer Corps of the Imperial Russian Army during WWI.  His actions after WWI included commanding the defense of Yerevan, liberating Anastas Mikoyan from Pan-Turanian captivity, and conflict over the Baku Oil fields, as General Hamazap was part owner of them, and Hamazap Hovhanessian is the only surviving heir of that property which Azerbaijan now controls.
General Hamazap and his son also were responsible for innovating techniques by which low level radiation dispersal bombs can be made out of everyday cleaning materials, as well as developing techniques to make ethnic bombs. Hamazap Hovhanessian had tricked the city of Providence into detonating a low level radiation dispersal bomb when his house was imploded after it was seized by the city under the eminent domain clause, causing crime in that neighborhood, Providence’s armory district, to skyrocket.  Hamazap has shared that technique with myself and other individuals publicly.  It should be noted that the injuries that people sustained during the Tsarnayev raid as a result of their explosives are not consistent with conventional explosives.
Additionally I received a tip from one of berge’s alumni that he was planning to make trouble at some events occurring in RI on February 7, and several members of law enforcement, local and federal, take his presence at these events seriously.  This comes as medical tests confirm that berge zobian and his associates had spiked drinks I had consumed at two federal hill galleries during Providence Gallery Night this past November, as well as recent lies he made to the RI attorney general’s office and the providence police about myself are being confirmed, including how he had lied about me in April 2012 so I could be held without bail in order that his associates in the armenian revolutionary federation could do their activities regarding nagorno-karbakh in providence.  As I stated during that interview in order to get involved with the Armenian revolutionary federation one simply has to claim to be Armenian and passionately hate people of Turanian heritage to join and no proper ethnological study of the people of the Caucasus has ever been done.
Interestingly Barry did not ask me to elaborate on the threats to other events going on this February 7, 2014, including the Munzenmessen Berlin, where Munze Osterreich will be the featured presenter, and it should be noted that my arrest on berge’s crank complaint occurred when I was representing Munze Osterreich’s Kundenclub program, during which the pigs on scene tole Munze Osterreich property I had with me.
Even more coincidental Barry’s first guest was talking about the situation in Ukrainya, a subject I have covered extensively as well and which I have shared with him.  I could have elaborated on how Sergei Khruschev had been harassed because of his confirming my family’s exile in the Crimea during the Safavid era which he delved into during the 2010 Crimean summit.


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