Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Zendran detained by cowardly pigs

I have been released after being held for 19 days as a result of overreaction by Cranston pig lee sohn to a complaint filed by bill dickie after I posted a picture of his house at 65 Olney Arnold Road in Cranston against me. As a result of this I was held in a facility where I was not allowed to do my prayers, and where the doctors took me to court where judge colleen hastings gave me drugs which caused damage to my heart. As a result of the heart damage the doctors had to stop the drugs and ordered my release.  Additionally, my blog posts about bill dickie and how in May 2014 he had me detained based on lies and for being Iranian, threw out most of my medical info I carried on me, lied to doctors to give me drugs they were not supposed to, stole my cell phone, and used the phone address book to harass and threaten my cousin Homa Khanoum as well as Marjan Faritous/Persia Pele simply because they are Iranian women who know me.
Not only did Cranston do a half assed job, as bill dickie's threats against Iranian women make his actions an extraterritorial incident, the actions of lee sohn acting out of malicious religious discrimination in the name of public safety are inexcusable and forever dammed Cranston in the sight of God.


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