Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Zendran/Pahlavi/Tsarnayev connection to Kouachi raid

Few realize that I was scheduled to speak at a memorial service on January 4, 2015 in Boston in memory of the fourth anniversary of the murder of Prince Ali-Reza. Many recall that I said that if any legal proceedings commenced on that day there would be dire consequences. Then within a few days the Kouachis did their attack.
While they said they were avenging the prophet by shooting charlie hebdo, they also ignore that many Imperial Iranian government figures are based in Paris and spend time there frequently, including Farah Pahlavi, who is a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed, and her children. Not only was I not present at that memorial because of the cowardly actions of bill dickie and lee sohn the doctor who initiated the legal proceedings against me was a french national.
Notice like the Tsarnayev raid the Kouachis made an exit after their charlie hebdo attack, inconsistent with jihadis but consistent with those who have read Chapter 9 of Iran; The Lion of War and who know how to apply the knowledge in it. Incidentally hits on my pages from france spiked around the time of the Kouachi raid.
One can also listen to the archive for the coasttocoastam talk I did with John B Welles on January 4/5 2014 about Prince Ali-Reza's murder to get an idea of the importance of this, and had I not been detained the Kouachi attack could have probably been prevented.


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