Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On crooked organizations using #dstrong as a publicity stunt

Here are prima facie examples of crooked organizations who have used the #dstrong fad as a publicity stunt to distract people away from their misdeeds.
I wonder how many people realize lifespan, who has provided less than stellar treatment to dorain murray, has experimented on children at it’s hasbro and bradley facilities, many of those children can be found wandering the streets or held in some state facility, be it prison, dcyf, or the state hospital. 
Speaking of prisons I wonder how many people realize how the ri state police have arrested people in hospitals and doctors offices while receiving essential medical treatment?  I wonder if they’ll mention how L&M, who could have given dorian murray treatment or referred him to proper treatment at the facility in the town where he lives, recently dropped the practice formerly run by dr ledbetter, who gave preferential treatment to ri state police members but less than stellar treatment to victims of police brutality, from their referral list.

I wonder how many people realize that uri does not only provide proper medical training to many of it’s students working in the medical field, mostly in rhode island, but that their police department, along with the dpt in south kingstown, condone the beatings of people while handcuffed in hospitals?


I wonder how many people realize how brown university has families who have to get to the meal site and food pantry at st. stephens church, which is surrounded entirely by brown university property, arrested for trespassing simply for cutting across campus to get to st. stephens simply to feed themselves?

Lastly, how many people realize how many families have been impoverished by washington trust refusing to pay them money that is rightfully theirs?  All one has to do is look at the dozens of lawsuits pending in ri superior court and the people who regularly patronize the warm and mash shelters because of washington trust.

Think about this before you complain about my questioning the #dstrong fad as a feel good publicity stunt by bad people.


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