Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New roundup on police brutality/corruption

The pig who beat me when handcuffed to a hospital bed has been identified as mike mccabe of 21 Arbor Way North Kingstown, RI.  He was the one who began beating me once handcuffed, even when in the hospital bed, and his report of the incident was inconsistent with the other officers reports and with the injuries I sustained. 

I wonder how he'd like it if someone did that to him.  Interestingly enough the uri pigs released the following to twitter and their media days after I sustained that beating.
Also the doctor who drugged me up because of the lies of providence pig bill dickie of 65 olney arnold road Cranston, RI, is bill ottowicz, 280 commonwealth ave, Boston

This doctor is hyporisy defined, as his actions have harmed people he is assigned to care, myself included, someone who at least should NOT be practicing medicine and making doctors targets for violence.


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