Sunday, February 14, 2016

Recent pig oddness

Early this morning while getting some food in South Kingstown, RI I noticed a uri pd vehicle acting strange, as it was five miles away from campus near the Wakefield Mall. As I got closer to the vehicle which was well out of it's jurisdiction it drop e towards me, and as I took those photos it drove away.

Considering that it was one degree Fahrenheit outside, and that the uri pd could have obtained anything on or close to campus without going to the Wakefield Mall, and that this has coincided with an off duty pig who drives a gray suv with RI plate number 4591 who has been stalking me, this action certainly appears to be staking by u retardia.
Additionally the fraternal order of pigs website is down, around the same time I have been on the receiving end of harassment from various donut fuckers with badges.


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