Saturday, March 05, 2016

Recent health oddness

Recently I had to receive hospital treatment within a 24 hour period, the first Tuesday afternoon when I complained of shortness of breath at L and M Westerly, who refereed me to a doctor who gave me an antibiotic prescription for a common sore throat. However, when I went to get that prescription an hour later I had trouble standing up for an hour.
The next morning after relaxing with friends at a CT casino I had trouble standing and shortness of breath that the casino staff had to call an ambulance. When the EMT's arrived the noticed my temperature was 104 and ignored my request to be brought to L and M New London and brought me to Backus in Norwich. There the doctors and staff spent four hours running tests on me., before diagnosing me with URI after an initial flu diagnosis.
I thought it was a joke, however they explained the multi-meaning of URI as Unknown Respiratory Infection as the noticed many people who have had recent and frequent contact with the university with the same acronym were noticing odd respiratory problems, and the label a form of bringing people's attention to this issue.
Apparently I was more than correct in my actions in November, as the bad hygiene/manners of students at u retardia are a health hazard to many.

Additionally I learned that the bad reaction I had following an armenian genocide event at alma on February 19, 2015 was not the result of a bad reaction to beer as the doctors at st. elizabeth's initially thought. The doctor I saw this past week noted that after recent experiences in which I had drank only one beer I did not have any adverse reactions. Instead, the most likely possibility was food poisoning, and as that event was co-sponsored by berge zobian, who's associates have spiked drinks on me and others before, that is very probable it occurred. Truth rising over intimidation and incompetence in the name of political correctness.


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