Saturday, May 07, 2016

Roundup on Armenian genocide remembrances in 2016

On the 101st anniversary of the Armenian genocide I managed to track down the last know location of a former client of mine and Armenian Genocide survivor, Margaret Markarian Artun.  I found her in st. francis cemetery in Pawtucket, RI, where she had been for the past 11 years
Even when I had asked dashanks like berge zobian about her they would not give me an answer.  As it turned out her death was kept quiet as a ploy to get a former ri legislator john McCauley to admit he mugged her in 1999 on the corner of common and smith streets.
That day in providence the Armenian genocide events were somber, with the usual lineup of state officials like governor wop rat and sissyweenie spewing their usual bullshit, yet mayor snotty, judge hagginush, and other Armenian politicians in the state were silent. 
This year berge was up to his usual tricks, first claiming he met his fundraising goals for his being kicked out of his studio z location
Then suddenly stating he needed more money for unexpected legal bills
Needless to say everything about his actions screams scam.  Just ask berge why his businesses in Newport and Richmond did not last ling and watch him waffle on the answer.
In the Boston area the dashanks were out in force, and this year pete koutoujian was out running his big mouth weeks after escorting Armenian President Sargsyan around Watertown and Boston
Not only was he running his mouth as expected but this year he brought his son pete along as well, demonstrating he likes brainwashing kids with dashank bullshit

This self-seeking corrupt dashank politico has ruined middlesex county by criminalizing people because of their religious and ethnic background, and became sheriff of that county shortly after the Waltham triple murders which occurred three blocks down from his house.  This is one corrupt dashank that needs to go

Interesting enough this year the kardashian jendahayastan were repeating their usual bullshit about the Armenian genocide on their social media

When me and others called them out they responded with obvious lies.  First kim kardashian talked to the Wall Street Journal about the Armenian genocide quoting her blog
Yet when one tries to access her blog one must pay to do so, destroying her credibility
Additionally in her interview with time magazine kim admits the kardashians come from what is now Armenia.  The land comprising Armenian was NEVER a part of the Ottoman empire and thus never effected by the Ottoman massacres, so the kardashains lie when they say the lost family because of the Armenian genocide
Needless to say we are better off without the self-seeking bullshitter kardashians


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