Saturday, April 16, 2016

On the mysterious death of Cool Moose Bob Healey

On March 20 my friend of 18 years Robert J. Healey died mysteriously. That his death was reported by someone claiming to be a friend who demanded a weelbeing check and not his girlfriend and next door neighbor Claire, who noticed no health problems, and the fact that many suspicions people had been hanging out on the bike path near his house shows that he may have been murdered…/obituary.aspx…
Cool Moose Healey was the most honest politician in RI, who had the courage to demonstrate how most campaign donations and expenditures were in fact bribes, and who understood the corrupt nature of the rhode island just us system. He was planning to run for governor in 2018, which he was the favorite to win, and had he won he had planned to grant me a pardon as he understood that I and others had been wrongly discriminated against, and he planned to bring real reform to ri.
If you want to truly honor his memory here are three things to do which I will be doinig
1. Do NOT get a haircut. Bob and I liked our hair long and enjoyed confronting people over their biased notions.
2. Do NOT vote in ri. Bob's mysterious death and the lack of investigation has ruined any legitimacy ri has, and brawls, blades, bullets, and bombs are better instruments of change against a government which violates people's liberties.
3. Use the ‪#‎fuckrhodeisland‬ hashtag when reporting on wrongdoings in rhode island.


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