Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hamadan Air base used by Russia

Even though Russia has moved the Supercarrier Admiral Kuznetsov 63 close to Syria, and Iran is in discussions to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization either as an observer or full member, the use of the Hamadan Air base is a curious one to attack isis/daesh in Syria.  
Recently Russia began deploying modern fighters to attack isis/daesh
This comes hours after Russian bombers attacked sis/daesh to protect Aleppo
Russia could have used the Tabriz base but with current dealings with Armenia, which currently chairs the EurAsian Union, and with Turkey and Azerbaijan, such a move might incite violence, however no such use is being made of Iran's Dezful Air base.  Expect greater defensive ties with Russia, Iran, and their allies and more positive action against isis/daesh to come from this.


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