Friday, September 09, 2016

On Star Trek at 50

As I write this it is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, one of my favorite shows, and who's creators had used my material, and which I am glad to be in on A Piece of the Action
As of late it has worried me about the direction the stories have taken.  The alternate timeline stories insult me and others who have undertaken serious research into time travel.  It also worries me the way some characters have become popular that they obscure the real people they are based on.  If one expects me to name Khan or Gul Dukat, they should examine Sulu, as his character has marginalized the troubles the Sultanate of Sulu, who america considers a terrorist group, the way princess leia from star wars marginalizes Princess Leila of Iran
much as the Star Trek prides itself on diversity and tolerance many still get marginalized by this show which billions enjoy.


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