Thursday, January 26, 2017

On Iran menaced by mike flynn

In appointing mike flynn as national security advisor he has appointed someone who has repeatedly stated his intention to attack Iran.  However, he has done this through books, articles, and screened events, and avoids people like myself who paid a visit to his family home at 57 tuckerman avenue in middletown, close to Easton's beach in Newport

Then again, seeing how his 82nd airborne chicken shits who abused kids in rhode island state custody, most notably at harmony hill, when they worked for the state, as did mike's wife lori, who retains her maiden name as she is afraid of retribution from those she and her family have wronged, when she worked there, it should come as no surprise.  Nor should it be a surprise that the town they live in has a high rate of police brutality and corruption, as does the county's judiciary, even towards those who served with and under flynn.  For all we know his hostility towards Iranians may come from a distaste some food he got from an Iranian store or restaurant, after all there are plenty of Iranians working in foodservice in the Newport county region.
I speak for Artesh Iran and the Iranian community when I say we will not take any shit from a gi joke micktard like you, the chump in the white house who appointed you, or any fucktard you send against us.  We have been around a very long time, we know a lot about america, including it's weaknesses, understand how america has corrupted the World, our civilization in particular.  You, your chump, and the gi jokes under your leadership have only galvanized the Iranian community by outing those in our midst who would betray us, attack us and you will go down like all the rest.


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