Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Good riddance mike flynn

I was glad to learn that mike flynn resigned as trump's national security advisor yesterday, his resignation letter is shown below
What is not mentioned is the Iran factor, namely the confrontation I had with him at his family home on the Newport/middletown line, demonstrating that were america to invade Iran not only could Iran immediately retaliate on american soil but mike flynn would be an early casualty
Two other important factors not being mentioned.  The agent in charge of security for mike flynn, the same one who questioned me for two hours about my confrontation with mike flynn, was absent on assignment until the morning of the day flynn resigned.  The agents in the region realized that flynn and his family not only have an inciteful background, but live in a location where they are an easy target and difficult to protect.  The also were amused by the fact that the night before my confrontation I was brought to Newport hospital by a friend in the US Army Rangers to be treated for trench foot from the storm that week.  Around the same time flynn resigned a friend brought me to LM/YHN Westerly to be treated for the same ailment, however I received more comprehensive treatment from the doctor that night, however the doctor who relieved her made a failed attempt to commit me, as the people who brought me to the hospital were able to detail the reasons for the recent foot injury I am being treated for.
‚ÄčThis is a major Iranian victory and a win for freedom.


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