Monday, December 04, 2017

On my religious discrimination case files recovered

Recently the documents from my Zoroastrian religious discrimination suit which the government claimed were missing from the first circuit and Federal District for rhode island  were recovered by the free law project.  You can see the timeline of the case at the District and Appellate level below
You can see the final disposition of the case in the US Supreme Court at the link below, however none of the documents or schedules are provided
This is important as it my case was the first time a Zoroastrian sued for deprivation of rights, and the arrests which prompted the case involved attempts to prevent me from selling two books I had published.  Additionally when I contacted the fbi when charges by the department I was suing in this case were brought against me in an attempt to intimidate me from bringing the case to the US Supreme Court they told me they would only investigate if I was found Not Guilty.  When I returned with the Not Guilty verdicts eight months after the US Supreme Court dismissed the case they refused to investigate nor would the US Supreme Court allow Petition for Writ of Certiorai to be filed on my behalf.


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