Monday, May 21, 2018

Bandar Anzali Naval base April 2018

This satellite view of the Naval Base at Bandar Anzali in April 2018 offers an interesting view in light of the incident with the IS Damavand 77 FFG in January
Notice the hull segments of a Jamaran class FFG ready for assembly to the left of the drydock and below the Sina class Corvette
In all probability this is the IS Damavand 77 being rebuilt from reassembled segments that have been resmelted or a new IS Damavand being built
Notice the location of the stern section which has been allowed to remain next to the breakwater while the fore and amidships section have been clearly raised
Considering the odd location and angle of the wreck the IS Damavand 77 was clearly sabotaged, and the Iranian Navy is acting quick to maintain is strength by replacing it rapidly, hardly the behavior of a country crippled by unrest.


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