Tuesday, May 22, 2018

On anniversary of police harassment over my ethnic/religious/literary background

On this day 14 years ago while I was walking in cathedral square park in providence at night two undercover providence pigs, later identified as ken court #366 and dave schiavulli #651 pulled out their guns and badges out on me with #651 saying he was arresting me for pissing him off, to be held until the morning of may 24, 2004 when RI District Court Chief Judge DeRobbio and Providence Municipal Court Judge Caprio ordered my release.  That arrest occurred two days after the press release of the first book signing of my first book "Victimization of the Farsi, Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples" to occur on May 24 2004, and at that event the providence pigs were parked on the opposite side of the street chasing away customers.  I later had all charges dismissed, however that incident made it next to impossible to sell my books and harassment from that department, including slander from #651 continued, mainly because he was jealous his wife natalie was seeing me and others from Golds Gym Providence/Pawtucket, and whenever he would see me in public he would pull some crank complaint about me.
I recently tracked down this pig, who is now an instructor for the providence pigs, to 111 wayland ave in cranston
For this scabby guniea dave schiavulli to pull this stunt, which was probably motivated by my ethnic background, as during the arrest he kept saying if I was "going to pay for my legal defense in raghead money" shows his lack of regard for human life and rights, why should this pig be allowed the same rights as others?


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