Saturday, June 09, 2018

On gallery night providence dropping dashank/armenian bigot berge zobian's gallery/studio z

When I returned to rhode island last month and participated in gallery night providence I was in for a pleasant surprise.  That was the fact that gallery night providence had disassociated themselves from berge zobian, who had helped start gallery night, and his gallery/studio z, as I noticed on the brochures and list of galleries on their website
The conflict between me and berge which had been going on since 2010 when he and his associates began harassing me because my father's mother's is the daughter of a woman who had been raped by a Turkish soldier in 1917 who had participated in the armenian massacres and because of my relationship with leslie yeransian helped highlight this, and the more the city of providence and the state would back berge the more the artistic community became disgusted at berge's bigotry  as it was chasing businesses from the area, hence gallery night's decision not to deal with him.
Should anyone still choose to believe the slander from berge and his dashank associates about me the picture below of me at Bank RI from their gallery night event last night says enough
You can clearly see Bank RI's artistic curator Paula Martesian behind be.  Paula has known me for over a decade and her and the bank would not deal with me for a minute if I were violently opposed to Armenians, and Bank RI would not deal with Paula if she were a dashank like berge and his associates.  However, those who fall for slander spread from dashanks like berge have poor comprehension.


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