Saturday, September 09, 2006

Trouble brewing over Iran in northeast

Just recently, with Khatami's visit to the Boston area to take place for the next few days, has anyone noticed the odd things going on up there. For instance mass governor romney has ordered no protection for Khatami's visit but rumors are going around that Boston mayor Menino is ordering protection for Khatami. Or how some few Iranians are planning to demonstrate against Khatami in Boston, and I mean Iranians who collaborate with bush, but no demos in support of Khatami are being planned. I would go there in support of Khatami but I have had to spend a lot of money on preparing my case I do not have the means to get to Boston myself. If anyone is willing to give me a ride from RI to Boston and back please let me know.
Also notice how the UN is acting lately. E-mail contact info for Kofi Annan and the Russian ambassador is being supressed and e-mails to several UN ambassadors, including the Chinese ambassador, are being blocked.
Pay attention folks, something could go down soon.
Peter Khan Zendran


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