Thursday, September 07, 2006

UPDATE ALERT; Zendran harassment update

Just had a VERY busy but productive day, learning many new things on my case.First I picked up a copy of the incident report from when the pigs stopped me. Turned out it was full of lies. Among them the fact that despite that bank's stated numerous complaints about me over the past few years the oldest complaint was from August 22, 2006. Also the report was listed as an arrest report despite the fact that all three pigs that stopped me said I was NOT under arrest. Furthermore I was quoted out of context and the report said I was turned over to a detective for questioning which NEVER occured, I only met with a detective some six hours after being detained and only to be told I was being charged with disorderly conduct.Also on the charge of disorderly conduct the report lists it as a state law violation but instead the case is being tried by Providence Municipal Court since RI District Court will not try the case. Note that according to RI General Law and Providence City Code spitting on any part of a building does NOT constitute disorderly conduct nor does it violate any law in RI. Therefore no crime was comitted or laws were broken.Second, I found that my name was misspelled on the summons to appear in Providence Municipal Court. When I pointed this out to the clerk at PMC I was told it would not be a problem.Also I have finished my Brief for the Supreme Court and will be mailing it out tomorrow. Also noticed 2 days ago that someone had gotten in to the place where I was keeping the Brief copies for safekeeping. Though nothing was missing some items were moved around and someone left perfume, which tipped me off since I do not have any perfume.As far as action assistance here are two things you can do to assist me in my case.1. Write the Providence Municipal Court on my behalf. Remind them that I broke no laws in spitting on Washington Trust bank when walking by and that the action by the Providence Police is being done to disrupt my filing an appeal against them in the Supreme Court.2. Do NOT do any business with washington trust bank. This is especially important if you live in the new england area. That bank has a history of making profits by exploiting people like myself, including stealing money from people's accounts then doctoring evidence. They do not think twice about pulling any stunt like they did with me, so avoid any business with them and feel free to express your disgust with them for making profits by exploiting other people. I even was informed by a Brown professor who is also a customer of Washington Mutual Bank in Los Angeles. He informed me that Washington Mutual has been involved mistakenly in legal actions because many confused it with washington trust. If any of you have stories like this please come forward with them.That's all for now, will post more later as things develop.
Peter Z


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