Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here we go again?

Three years ago I wrote in persianmirror that if america did not attack Iran by 2007 it never would be able to. Today, as I see what is going on in the world today it appears what I wrote is coming to pass. Despite repeated denials of any perperation of an attack against Iran all the diplomatic and military warning signs are indicating that some sort off attack could be I the works.
We got a perfect demonstration of this in late December 2006-January 2007. Then, using the pretext to assist Ethiopian troops fighting Islamic militants in Somalia, america sent two carrier battle groups to the region to attack the Islamic militants in Somalia. Then as soon as they had finished their attack those two carrier battle group’s turned north to the Persian Gulf. Though they did not make any attack on Iran, their presence in the region was a reminder that the american military, though suffering losses, can still inflict damage on an opponent. Instead of making Iran more quiescent, Iran only increased it’s defenses of sensitive areas and began acquiring more weapons for it’s military. And as usual diplomatic maneuvering by both sides was conducted. This maneuvering was the same old story of america using it’s in order to persuade other nations to bash Iran and other regimes that do not kowtow to the american line. This is shown as most EU countries, rather than ignore american rantings, now choose to tow the UN line on Iran rather than to reverse the UN’s decisions which were based on american backdealing than facts. While the world, excluding the evil axis of america, britain, and israel, has no problems with Iran, as a result of american manipulations in the UN with the recent security council resolution and exaggerated horror stories about Iran every effort is being made to vilify Iran as a prelude to a possible invasion
Let us take a look at some of those rumors. The rumor that Iran is supporting terror groups in Iraq is baseless alone. People forget that Iran was forced to give up Mesopotamia in 1857, and that in 1903 Baghdad and Mesopotamia attempted to rejoin Iran. Instead of being returned to Iran in 1919 that Iranian territory was used to create Iraq as a british puppet state in the region to counter Iran. Therefore Iran has a historical connection with Iraq and has every right to press claims to it by whatever means it has. Plus america has no proof to back up it’s claims about Iran selling weapons to the Iraqi resistance, as Iranian weapons are sold on the open market, and the Iranian government has issued no orders for Iranians to assist the Iraqi resistance. Furthermore, the, Iranian government can not be held responsible for the acts if individual actions of Iranians in Iraq. As far as the claims of human rights abuses in Iran many of them are exaggerated. For instance, the petitions to stop the deaths of certain individuals often are doctored, one petition being used and the name being changed. Most often, people do not check the facts before signing those petitions, or check to find out who is funding those groups. The same goes for many so-called human rights groups, many talk about atrocities in Iran but seldom back up their allegations with hard facts.
Internationally, the nations of the world are behaving as if they are preparing for some conflict. Much of what I said in the aforementioned pm article has come to pass. In america the first batch of the new Virginia class submarines has been completed, and the uss george h w bush is nearing completion as we speak. The same goes for many foreign forces, as India’s plans to build up it’s forces proceed as I predicted. Italy has started something of an arms race as it not only has completed it’s new carrier but has not scrapped some of the warships it said it would, causing France and Spain, to increase military spending as a result. In addition britain is talking about both reducing troops in Iraq and embarking on a new arms production program. In essence, the countries of the world are preparing for some sort of conflict, the question is when and where. Iran, realizing it is a target, has already begun boosting it’s military strength, has completed it’s new frigate and even raised the Sahand and made it operational again. This in addition to the missiles it has been building and acquired from Russia, and the new Shafagh fighters Iran has developed are a clear sign that Iran is getting ready to protect it’s territory from any invader. Remember, the industrialists for the military often determine wars, and now the military industrialists of the world are going into overdrive.
The harassment Iranians recieve might seem isolated, however one must look what is going on in Iran and america to see for themselves the truth. In Iran american black op groups have been agitating Arab, Baluchi, Kurdish, and other groups to make trouble for Iran. This in addition to the abovementioned groups. In america harassment against Iranians has increased, be it through bogus charges, increased surveillance, having slurs and other derogatory comments made at them, suffering discrimination in every area of life, and other forms of humiliation as was used immediately after 1979 to vilify Iranians, and with talk of aggression against Iran it is clear the public is being taught to hate Iranians.. The only difference now is that Iranians in america are being left with few alternatives to turn to. Since the 1960’s and 1970’s many of the groups that took action against american imperialism and racism have since changed. Those groups who were willing then to risk confrontations with police, military, and government have softened and become more concern with putting money in their pocket than dealing with the system that backs up that money, ready to collaborate and label a provocateur anyone who is willing to take and action to confront the system as they did way back when. And to add insult to injury the same anti-war groups who claim to oppose the war with Iraq and demand withdrawal of american troops from Iraq fail to see the fact those troops would only be given rest time for any potential invasion of Iran, and have failed to work with Iranians in america to organize action. More distressing is to see many of the same minority groups who were all too ready to fight for their rights collaborate to violate the rights of other minorities who they should be working with. All too often and frequently you see people of those minority groups. Be they African, Latino, Hispanic, Italian, Russian, Jewish, Japanese or whatever background who do not hesitate to use slurs like dune coon, raghead, camel fucker toward Iranians, or who obtain government service positions in jobs where they are all to ready to ruin the lives of others, be it by using armed force in so-called emergency situations, beating, robbing and depriving others of their rights while hiding behind badges, or obtaining some clerical pencil pushing job where any false wording can deprive someone of their liberty, money, food, and other essentials necessary to civilized life. If anything these people should be working with the Iranian community in america. Instead, years of the american government collaborating with groups like answer and ufpj has ruined the effectiveness of any resistance to misdeeds of america’s government.
The time to act is now. Most people do not realize that history only repeats itself because it is allowed to. We have a chance to prove this right by standing up and stoping any conflict against Iran. Let us become greater than the sum of our parts and begin to do what was not done for Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Yugoslavia, Haiti, the Philippines, Liberia, Somalia and set an example for the rest of the world and the future.

Peter Khan Zendran


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