Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zendran and Icke censored on coasttocoastam radio show

Last night george noory had David Icke on his show, live from Croatia, talking about his work. Among other things Icke discussed how when he was in Croatia he met with people who witnessed hw a small few manipulated the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Needless to say I stayed up to listen and call in, putting the wild card line on my speeddial. I finally got through at 4:20 AM, and when producer tom danheiser asked my name he cut off my call, refusing to let me on despite the fact that I had published articles on Icke's site from 2000-3.
Had I got on I would have disclosed the following.
1. Recently I made contact with one of Princess Leila's half sisters who lives in california who can not only prove that Leila was murdered but that khomeini and empress farah are relatives and their family has been involved in satanic ritual murders, including that of Leila, and I could have given her contact info to Icke.
2. On october 15 2007 I was at brown university when dick holbrooke made his lecture there. In it he stated that the Yugoslav conflict was engineered and that he had a hand in engineering the kosovo "independence". They edited the q&a including where I put him on the spot about his statements. As soon as the video of holbrooke's lecture was released I sent it over the net, including to Serbian Prime Minister Dr. Kostunica and Croatian Premier Dr. Sanader, both of who I know, the site even preserved Kostunica's original myspace page where he, Sanader, myself, and others discuss policies which helped peoples lives. This summer I learned from a friend of mine at the watson institute who is adjunct with harvard, that the person responsible for making the crank call to the bupd on April 17, 2008, which I have detailed on my blog was holbrooke. As I learned he got wind of what went on with me at brown on April 14-15 2008, called the bupd and gave them permission to use his office as an observation post claiming I was menacing him. As certain details were mentioned in the report read in court could only have been obtained by someone who was observing me at watson this statement holds up.
Here is the link to the video of the lecture where dick holbrooke made those statements and which had I got through on the show would have shared with Icke.
This video is on google as well and if the link above does not work try this
Also I am giving out the phone for tom danheiser. This zionist pig has censored much on coasttocoastam radio show and needs to be called out. He can be reached at 818-831-5313.
Please send this around.
Peter Z


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