Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nonaligned resurgence

The recent conflict in Georgia has demonstrated beyond doubts truths that are good to some, disturbing to others. Over the recent conflict in Georgia Russia has once again demonstrated it is a modern military power which can project it’s power abroad. During this conflict it was the EU and nato which brokered the ceasefire when America could not. By America being unable to broker the ceasefire America showed that it is no longer all powerfull and is in serious decline. The reason for this decline is that the nations America has victimized have united together against America acting on the old principle of Nonalignment.

With Russia this revival in their military power should come as no surprise to those in the know. For those who have believed the western pundits that Russia is incapable of using it’s military have been proven conclusively wrong, as Russian forces easily subdued a Georgian military advised by American and Israeli military experts who brought their equipment. That Israel ran as soon as things got tough and America could not broker a cease fire and prevent Russian backing Georgia’s separatist provinces successfully confirmed this. Ultimately nato and the EU had to be called in on this conflict. By doing so America acknoweledged that EU and nato nations have equal and superior military equipment and that America is not all powerfull.

Had America used direct force it would have faced massive retaliatory attacks on an unprecedented scale. Furthermore America could not press further aggressive aims towards Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Serbia for had America attacked any one of those countries the others would have responded, and with American forces overextended America can make only limitd attacks. This is demonstrated as American forces could only make small, limited attacks into Pakistan recently but nothing major and decisive.

As for the countries mentioned above consider the damage they could do over america’s motivations to attack. Iran could use it’s ICBM’s and conventional forces, many of which are equal and superior to American equipment, to wipe out, or at the very least destroy a sizeable amount of American forces to render America unable to defend itself. With North Korea America would face a similarly armed foe, only this one with clear nuclear capability and one who could call in China as an ally should America choose to attack alone or with allies. Venezuela could embroil America in a protracted conflict in that country’s tropical and dangerous terrain and unite Latin America against America. Serbia could also embroil America in a similar war and is in an excellent position to both summon Russian aid and split the EU and nato over how to deal with any conflict.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s Tito, Nehru, Nasser, Sukarno, and Nkrumah worked together to form the Nonaligned movement based on cooperation and defense so that the World could flourish without outside imperialist aggression. Now with American imperialism in full force these nations are using the Nonaligned philosophy and movement to defend themselves in the face of a common enemy and are succeeding in the face of western imperialism. How they will flourish and continue to exist from here on is anyone’s guess, but hopefully they will flourish so that they need not be menaced again.


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