Monday, December 29, 2008

Culminating Repercussions of “Fallout”

Over the past 6 months the repercussions of my “Fallout” series have been evident. This has been shown in the locations uncensored and those who continue to spread misinformation continue their behaviors.
This was demonstrated in July 2008, when MSN finally uncensored Karlskrona. With Karlskrona uncensored, every great Naval base, with the possible exception of Donghae, is now available to be viewed on satellite. When one looks at the images of Karlskrona one sees Sweden’s best, and some of the World’s, best Warships. This includes the Uppland, Halland, Sodermanland and Oster SSK’s, 4 Visby class FFG’s, the Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg, and Kalmar FF’s, and Various LS and PT like the Carlskrona and dozens of craft, including the ex Neptun and Najad SSK’s. Overall, a long overdue view of strength.
The second major uncensoring by MSN was that of Ferrol. There one will see the Juan Carlos I CV halfway through construction, the Alvaro de Bazan and Blas de Lezo DDG’s, the entire Baleares class FFG’s and various FF and PT craft. There one will see the Norwegian FFG’s Roald Amundsen and Otto Sverdrup fitting out and the Helge Ingstad under construction. Like Karlskrona, this view is one of strength long overdue, especially the view of the Juan Carlos I.
These are among the more prominent of the bases uncensored by MSN. Others include Lagos, Mina Salman to name a few, yet only a few continue to be shown. Perhaps MSN, like Yahoo, does not realize that unlike google/wiki their sites do not allow vandalism and misinformation.
This continues to happen on google/wiki. One good example is Yokosuka. There it has been updated to allow one to view the JDS Hyuga CV under construction, in addition to other of Japan’s best ships, as well as the USS Seawolf SSN during one of it’s visits. As usual the wikifreaks barely noticed it until someone like myself updated the information, and as usual the wikifreaks put inaccurate and wrong info up. The same thing is going on with China At Qingdao one will see the Xia SSBN and all five Type 091 SSN’s, along with several Type 039 and Type 033 SSK’s. As usual the wikifreaks put up the wrong info, labeling the Xia and the SSN’s as Type 039 class SSK’s. It is only a matter of time before the wikifreaks notice Ningbo is now fully uncensored and put up their nonsense about the Chinese SSK’s that are visible. The same is true for Singapore and Simonstown. In Singapore one will see the four new FFG of Singapore’s navy, at Simonstown one will see South Africa’s two new SSK’s as well as the Mendi FFG in drydock and an Amatola class FFG in port. As usual the wikifreaks are not letting anyone put up accurate information.
All the more noticeable is that most locations on google/wiki have not been updated. That these locations are updated less often is a sign that the providers of these images are becoming conscious of the misuse that would occur should they make them available. That other servers including Yahoo and MSN update and add new images is good, yet more could be done.
One other thing should be noted here. Recently MSN has set it’s site so that you can no longer print out Birds eye view satellite images. In doing so they have unnecessarilly censored an excellent feature of online satellite imaging.


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