Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Buildup to breakdown

There is a degenerate american philosophy which is being used in american government actions lately. That is to build someone or something up in order to break it down. In practice this is nothing politically new in the World, however since the iron mountain report it has been used a lot by america’s government, be it domestically with groups like the symboniese liberation army, the ruckus society, and answer, to foreign regimes like those of marcos. Recently this tactic is being applied against Iran, as well as Central and Western Asia, and those who have a stake in the region.

Most noticeably this is being done in regards to Iran’s role in the region, as american operatives are acting to destabilize the region by trying to draw Iran into taking action on so many areas it would be overstretched in case of invasion. Case in point is the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Recently the cfr released a report, based partly on my first book, saying that Iran should take a more active role in the affairs of those two countries. This is being said at the same time that america is menacing Iran over it’s nuclear program. If one doubts that this is being done in preparation for an invasion consider this. At present Iran has sufficient military force to repel any invader, yet not a strong enough military/economic infrastructure to become more actively involved in other nations. Such acts in Afghanistan and Pakistan would stretch Iran’s resources at this point in time. Consider also why would america make this offer at a time when it is giving Iran hell over it’s nuclear program. If it was in order to enforce the bogus un resolution about Iran’s nuclear program then other countries would be involved, but america is the only one making noise over this, giving the clear impression that an invasion may be imminent.

Consider also how recently Tehran Times is being blocked online in america, or how nobody is sure where the detainees in guantanamo will go once that hellhole is closed down, or how no definite plan for withdrawal from Iraq has been finalized, or how american envoys who are not popular in particular regions are sent there and stir up more trouble? Consider the sneaky approach taken by the nigger sending the Russian President a letter saying that if Russia stops assisting Iran in it’s Nuclear program america might stop it’s missile shield in eastern Europe. If Russia’s government were smart it would see through this conniving American behavior and continue it’s support for Iran. After all, seeing how america is pulling it’s bases out of Central Asia and is beginning to collapse under the strain of it’s wars, like imperial Britain and france did, no strong nation should fear the repercussions from standing up to america.

Just as alarming is the behavior of groups in america that say they oppose america’s wars and stand in solidarity with the victims of those on the receiving end or threatened by american aggression. As I write this these people have planned a march on the pentagon for March 21. What these pinkos have not considered or have ignored is that March 21 is No Ruz, the most important holiday to people of Iranian origin, including most of the people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is respected throughout Asia and most of the non-English speaking World. Most Iranians like myself are offended by this action, as these so-called activists who talk about respecting the rights of others but do not practice it themselves. Most Iranians and others who observe No Ruz would rather be among friends celebrating our heritage than spending our time with pinko provocateurs. Many of us have known that these so-called activists receive a lot of financing from the american government through various grant programs, and that many so-called government resisters have acted as informants. While the behavior of these people has been tactfully tolerated the consensus in america is that things are soon reaching a breaking point, and that something must happen.

What will happen remains to be seen. If things are to go well we must not become dependent on others. That way we need not worry that someone will build us up to break us down.


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