Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iran's Navy misinformed by jane's

I recently saw the edition of Jane's fighting ships 2008-9. In the
section for iran's Navy there are many glaring mistakes.
1. It does not mention the six Project 877 class SSK's Iran has ordered
from Russia.
2. It refers to the Ghadir class SSK's as the "yono" class, ignoring
the fact that Iran's 4 Yugo class SSK's and 4 Ghadir class SSK's are
different designs.
3. It states that there are 1+2 nahang class SSK's, when in fact there
is only one.
4. It refers to the IS Jamaran FFG as part of the Alvand class FFG's,
when in fact there are design differences and improvements in the
Jamaran, and does not mention that a second unit of the Jamaran class
FFG is under construction.
5. It refers to the IS Paykan, Joshan, and Derafsh Corvettes as part of
the Kaman class, ignoring the fact that there are design and
construction differences between the paykan and Kaman classes. It also
incorrectly states the three Paykan class Corvettes are based at Bandar
Anzali, when in fact only the Paykan is while the Joshan and Derafsh are
based at Bandar Abbas.
6. Nothing is mentioned of the Qaeem class SSK's under construction,
which are equivalent to the Russian Sankt Peterburg class, Swedish
Gotland class, German u-31 class, and Chinese Song class SSK's.
Peter Khan Zendran


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