Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zendran case update/open challenge to harassers

Yesterday I spoke with someone from the company that provides security for brown's buildings. Not only did he confirm what I had done he even confirmed that brown's pigs had lied on the incident reports. The only other people able to confirm this were my public defender and providence police sgt. Hull, who confirmed that the incident reports did not match up with what was read in court and that evidence had been mishandled.
Recently I have recieved anonymous comments from people who doubt my honesty, basing their judgments on what's available online. Some points I must make;
1. The online info about my case from the state of RI's website is NOT an offical document. This is because what is available online is NOT always accurate and mistakes crop up.
2. Those incidents were NOT included in the brown pigs weekly report in april 2008 and the brown pigs do NOT make incident reports available to the public.
3. If you doubt this go to that site and type in the names Charles Ward, James Powell, felix conforme, vincent cianci, patrick burke and see what you get. Many of those cases, like mine, contain inaccurate info. Mistakes occur in ri's legal system and I and these people are living proof of that. Even the court clerks and law librarians have acknoweledged this.
If you still want to talk shit then I challenge you to walk the walk and do the following. You must obtain a transcrpit of my court appearances and contact Sgt. Hull, only once you have done this will I believe you, if you can't then shut the fuck up, as you don't know what you're talking about.
Peter Z


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