Sunday, March 27, 2011

More nwo connections to mideast upheavals

Recently I was checking for news from the watson institute when I
stumbled across this event.
Not only did brown lie as this event was not open to the public but
there were no adds for this event in advance. I did some digging on the
panelists and found there is plenty of dirt on both of them.
In checking shiva balaghi I found she had played a part in inciting the
riots in tahrir square and openly bragged about it on open source radio.
Additionally, shie is involved with the mer project.
Check mer and you will see it is run by chris toensig. Back in 2006
when at the watson institute I confronted toensig about how one of his
authors used info from an article I published on Icke's site in 2003
about katsav and mofaz's Iranian connections and I did not recieve
proper credit for it. The oven stuffer head of the middle east studies
dpt, elliott colla, decided to shoot his mouth off at me, even though
chris admitted I was in the right and the article did not properly quote
it's source, and as a result got in trouble for it.
I also checked on hussein banai and found his website here.
Not only was he at brown at the same time I was involved with the watson
institute he only got his teaching job once I was no longer at brown.
Not to mention this little hajji baba was one of the ones who refused to
come to my support at all during my legal disputes with brown.
Over all, these are people who are selling out their heritage and have
nobody to blame for their problems but themselves.
Peter Khan Zendran


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