Thursday, January 12, 2012

Facts about occupy provicence provaceturs posing as protesters

Below are facts about some of the occupy providence protesters who set me up.
The one who initially invited me to occupy providence was jared paul. He is a longtime provacetur who has worked with international answer and other organizations. He was the one responsible for calling the july 2007 protest which resulted in a confrontation with the north providence police, and was the one responsible for inciting street people against me over the story leslie yeransian did in the summer of 2008 where she portrayed street people as thieves. He is affiliated with critical mass, animal/earth liberation front, and other groups which provoke violence at protests under the guise of peace. He has also acted as a thug for unions, and he was the one responsible for having the screen actors guild blacklist leslie yeransian over abovementioned story.
The one who invited me to attend further occupy providence events was mike mccarthy. He was one of the original members of occupy wall street who incited the conflict with police on the Brooklyn bridge and helped organize occupy providence and link them up with the occupy wall street movement.
The one who invited the provaceturs to occupy providence to attack on me and then called the providence pigs is artemis moonhawk. She is a member of american andian movement and food not bombs. Additional provaceturs I spotted at occupy providence are martin lazzareschi, who has impersonated police and law enforcement, joyce katzbegs, and charles Feldman. These people say they want social justice but end up provoking violence and act only to enrich themselves.


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