Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Iran defense news roundup

Lest anyone think that I have not been keeping up on news regarding Iran my assessment of the following incidents should prove otherwise.
Contrary to what people think Iran does posses the capability to close the Gulf, as people forget that Iran’s 14 Attack Submarines, 6 Missile Frigates, 10 Missile Corvettes are all armed with modern weapons, and Iran has ramped up it’s Naval production, not to mention these Naval assets can be used in a joint Missile/Air strike. While Iran has shot down the spy drone one must not forget that Itan had obtained stealth technology from the downed F-117 in Yugoslavia in 1999, the question is successfully incorporating this technology in it’s fighters and bombers, and to do it soon.
If the Aircraft Carrier the Iranian Navy successfully intercepted is the USS John C Stennis CVN-74 then this means that america’s navy’s best assets are vulnerable to attacks from Iran’s surface fleet. Notice also the Iranian ships “rescued” by America. That ship in the Arabian sea was Iranian owned but crewed by Baluchis, and it is interesting that the USS John C Stennis CVN-74 and the USS Kidd DDG-100 were responsible for rescuing that ship. Incidentally the previous USS Kidd DDG-993 was originally built for Iran as the IIS Kurush and is currently in service with the Taiwanese Navy as the ROCS Keelung. That ship rescued by the USCG was simply crewed by Iranian kids taking the boat out on a joyride when they got lost, not merchants on a trading journey.
Notice also the recent bombings carried out in Iran by israelis, people forget that the israelis are using moles inside Iran to carry out the operations. Notice the base that was bombed was under the command of Satrip Moghadam, who was related to Sepahbod Moghadam, the last SAVAK commander, and the Moghadams are of a prominent jewish background with ties to israel. The Iranian government would be best off putting their jewish population in prison to prevent further attacks.
Speaking of foreign menace if the UN were serious about going after Iran why hasn’t it done so after Iran’s police allowed the british embassy to be attacked? Or take the case of camp ashraf, now that the American military has pulled out of Iraq why hasn’t the rest of the World condemmed Iran for it’s handling of the mujhadeen e khlaq? Perhaps because they realize the Iranian community is right in going after those whackos and other threats to it’s sovereignity, no matter the regime.
Also notice the hekmati case and the girl who was stoned to death after her sentence was commuted. Bear in mind that this was done by the Iranian government in retaliation for the mistreatment of Iranians who were imprisoned in america, myself included. People in america need to look at their own actions before they judge Iran.


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