Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Calling out provacetur steve ahlquist

Many are familiar with failed businessman,yellow journalist, and provacetur steve ahlquist lives.  This fatfuck has been running his mouth about me since I smashed up providence city hall because of his asshole buddy sissyweenie.  He talks big behind a computer and when he has his pigpals around, yet is a little coward, even when I pay a visit to his place at 26 Ogden St. in providence, which you can see below
I know the kids who's comic books he stole when he ran atomic comics on hope st would love to pay him a home visit, or the Kurds he stalked at their protest which they made no public announcement of.
Interestingly enough he is close to the 702 Elmgrove Ave address sissyweenie kept for years, as the image below shows
Looks like the shit doesn't fall far from the asshole, this screams provacetur.
If you need another example check out his recent post on the ri future blog, an excellent gathering place for RI provaceturs
The majority of protesters there were members of occupy providence, who bragged about this on their facebook
Notice how they even say nothing about the providence pigs recent CALEA dealings.
As long as provaceturs like ahlquist and occupy providence are around, no real change can occur.


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