Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How RI state pigs lie about Caprio and others

While many are quick to call the beach concession deal between Dave Caprio and Pete Palumbo there is much going on that only few realize, partly because most of the sheepole in RI believe the propaganda rag tv news and providence urinal paper.
If they spent time at those beaches they would realize over the past few years the patrons visiting those beaches are mostly inner city punks from the greater providence area.  These punks have been polluting the beach and menacing the residents, namely elderly and disabled, and encouraging local youths to crime and violence by making games out of their criminal activities.  Additionally, their polluting the beaches has brought insects and other infectious bacteria which cause health problems for the residents.  Caprio at least lives in the area and understands this, and knows this problem needs local leadership instead of some state bureaucrat selectively enforcing regulations.
If you want an excellent example of selective enforcement consider how nobody has complained how Caprio’s opponent teresa tanzi won by bringing mostly college age students into the district who would vote for her boxy ass, and who are responsible for the increase in crime in her district, though if you complain about it these punks call you crazy or racist.  All one has to do is look at the local businesses that have been in her district for decades that are moving or closing because of her punks.
Also if one wants an excellent example of how the RI state police can’t get their facts right notice how they brag about my May 2014 arrest.
As it turned out the warrant was issued on a paperwork fuckup by probation, they got my address wrong, neglected to mention that I was arrested while walking into a doctor’s appointment, and how they told me I would be released the same day, when in fact I was held for two weeks and had my watson institute mug and money stolen, as they would not let me leave my belongings with a friend who had been on the town council for years who’s business was a block away.
Typical RI corruption for you.


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