Thursday, October 02, 2014

Zendran legal situation update

I left 4th District this morning.
            The disorderly charge on which the warrant I was stopped on this past September 23 while on my way to head up a protest at the united nations originates from a pain flashback which occurred when confronting my doctors at thundermist over a fuckup in treating a foot injury I have.  They misdiagnosed me with scabies, despite the fact my doctors at L&M Hospital explained not only is it not scabies, the foot injuries I experienced in April and May 2014 are healing, which are not consistent with scabies.  However, the quickcare doctors at thundermist wrote a prescription for a scabies medicine which I do not need and refuse to pick up on the advice of my doctors at L&M, which is making it tricky for me to obtain the peridex I need for my gums.
            Additionally, had I not been administered drugs during my detention by providence pigs on May 2nd such a confrontation would have been less likely.  This is the fourth such incident where I have had a pain flashback as a result of a drug withdrawal, the first occurring in 2008 which resulted in me fatally injuring brown pig bob enos, the second in 2012 which resulted in me smashing up the holiday display at providence city hall, the third in 2013 which resulted in me kicking two illegal immigrants in the head, one of whom I knew while in prison, however no charges resulted.
            These charges are the result of police not investigating thoroughly and falling for medical lies.  My next court appearance is October 30 on this and I will update.


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