Sunday, October 12, 2014

Iranian future threatened by rajavi/mek/ncr

This was just sent to my @KhaneMazendaran twitter account. it is proof that rajavi's ncr knows nothing but how to spew propagandist platitudes.
The first point makes no provision to prevent electoral intimidation and for impartial vote counts. The third point is nonsense, as the death penalty is necessary for extreme cases. The fourth point does not clarify the definition of "separation or religion and state" and it's implementation. The sixth point is hypocritical as rajavi has shown no difference from jomhori mollah from enforcing any fairness in judicial proceedings among their own community. The seventh point has similar problems, as rajavi discriminates against those who do not follow their marxist/muslim ways. The ninth point is hypocritical as rajavi has practiced violence against those who disagree with their views. The tenth point is delusional, as Nuclear Weapons and and Weapons of mass destruction are essential to the defense of Iran and prevention of invasion.
Everything else is simply platitudes designed to lure people into a false sense of trust. Look at the track record of rajavi and mek, they are nobody's friend.


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