Monday, December 15, 2014

Anti-racism behind Man Haron Monis holding people in sydney hostage

Few realize that the man who held people hostage in sydney was not an isis follower, as many first assumed.  Rather, he has been fighting racism towards Iranians which has been rampant in australia over the past decade
If one wants to see proof of australian racism towards Iranians look no further than the racist posts members of the australian military made about Iran on wikimapia, which can be viewed at the link below
One can also view how this hostage situation occured a few minutes walk from where the hmas canberra, recently commissioned, is docked and which is being prepared to deploy close to Iran, officially to fight isis, however it has the facilities to transport black op teams to menace Iran.
The only tragedy is that Man Haron Monis did not kill more people there, and australia has only itself to blame for this incident.
Incidentally there has been a hostage situation in Ghent, Belgium occurring, which the Iranian media is covering
Yet why is the Ghent situation not getting the same focus as sydney?


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