Sunday, December 14, 2014

Outing providence Ferguson protest infiltrators ahlquist and mccarthy

That people like peeny-boy ahlquist and occupy providence infiltrator mike mccarthy can make these comments after making posts about how to spot protest infiltrators simply by calling out those who are militant shows they are nothing more than infiltrators and provaceturs themselves. By their logic those who were in the Rodney King riots of 1992 and Seattle riots of 1999, where violence was the norm, are violent infiltrators, when in fact they were nothing more than people outraged by a corrupt system who realized they had nothing to lose. Interesting enough ahlquist and mccarthy chose not to attend the big rally for victims for police brutality in Washington, DC, perhaps because they are afraid they would be outed as the infiltrators they. are.
Below is one link about infiltration at the Oakland ferguson protests
Below is the link to the one with frequent updates with pics of infiltrators
These are the ones ahlquist and mccarthy are referring to. Hopefully someone will put them up, along with jared paul, artemis moonhawk, joyce katzberg, martin lazzareschi, and charles feldman, as the infiltrators they are.


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