Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peshawar atacked, more updates on sydney

I am concerned how these taliban were able to pull this off, considering how close the Pakistani military academy is to this school

Below is a satellite image from google of the location of where the Lindt Chocolate Cafe attack took place and the surrounding area. The location of the Cafe at 53 Martin Place is clearly marked off, and close to the north one can see the Opera House, and to the east one can see the naval base.
Right after the attack the hmas canberra lhd-2 set sail from sydney, and we can assume it's intentions are hostile
Shortly after the attack ended crew members of the hmas anzac were practicing maneuvers in that area

Also minutes after the attack the 
australian navy blocked my twitter page, though that still has not prevented me from obtaining news on the activities of this anti-Iranian band of punks.
With actions like this they wonder why the World scoffs at them


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