Sunday, July 19, 2015

Iran deal connection to the Tsarnayevs demonstrating government/police infiltration

Yesterday a rally organized by rashin khosravi and mass peace action close to john kerry's pickney st. house in support of the Iran nuclear deal was poorly attended, and conspicuously absent was raisin and her family
When I checked rashin's Facebook page I noticed two things that were conspicuous.
1.  There were no photos of her or any she took of yesterday's poorly attended rally in support of the Iran nuclear deal.
2.  There is a picture of her kids with her husband harold physic eating at the same restaurant in Watertown Square where Tamerlan Tsarnayev and I used to hang out at, even spar at
That restaurant was made famous by the photo taken below by a Tsarnayev supporter

Interestingly enough elena trey not only has not gone to any of the places where Tamerlan and I frequented, she ignored the throw down I gave john b welles and those he had on his show claiming the Tsarnayev raid was a hoax
Excellent proof of government/police infiltration in the greater boston area, and how the government is running scared of it's own population.


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