Thursday, July 16, 2015

Odd Iran nuclear deal event in Boston

Odd how mass peace action created this event hours after the deal was reached regarding Iran's nuclear program
Most terrifying is the fact that steve kirschbaum and steve gillis, the leaders of the Boston chapter of the workers world party, have been invited to this, the former who has been threatening Iranians who do not agree with his marxist-stalinist views, and the latter helping him execute those threats.

Most disturbing is that one of the organizers is raisin khosravi, wife of watertown pig tony physic, who told Iranians not to testify against steve kirschbaum during his recent trial, and the same one I beat up at the niac event in June in Watertown when he made trouble.
Check the list of people invited and you will notice people with police/military backgrounds, so in all probability their inviting kirschbaum and gillis dempnstrates that workers world boston are government-police provocateurs. I am amazed they do NOT support the Workers of Russia, China, and other countries Iran does arms deals with, as the deal sanctions Iran from importing weapons even for defense. They even ignore the workers in Iran's military/industrial base who have to work harder to defend Iran.
More disturbing is that raisin shared an article by William Beeman about the nuke deal. Dr. Beeman is close to my cousin Homa Khanoum, who livers near physic and khosravi's 731 Belmont St. address, so it is possible they may be threatening my relatives who oppose this deal.


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