Thursday, December 03, 2015

Zendran experiences police brutality

On the night of Friday November 13, 2015 I was on a bus in Kingston, RI which picked up a capacity crowd of unruly college students at uri, some of who began leaving their trash on my lap. When I pushed their trash off my lap they complained to the driver who stopped the bus and called the cops. When both the south kingstown and uri police arrived they asked me to step of the bus one of the uri handcuffed me without explanation and threw me up against his car. I was taken to one of their stations where three of the uri pigs threw me up against the wall handcuffed and beat me as they ransacked my pockets. When they uncuffed me and left me in the cell they complained as I still had one match on me which I lit to say a prayer. Hours later as a result of their actions I experienced serious chest pain and a narcoleptic attack, and I had to be transported to south county hospital. While there the emergency room doctor chose to ignore the instructions of my doctors at L and M not to drug me, stating " information from emergency room doctors would not be used, and he had me handcuffed to the bed, and when I tried to force the needle out of me I was beaten while handcuffed to the hospital bed with the uri and south kingstown pigs claiming I was resisting despite the fact they igonred instructions from my own doctors who they spoke with. They brought me back to the cell they took me from, and in the morning j patrick o'neill informed me I was facing several counts of assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, and that my sentence for beating up the arsonist in April was being violated. They transported me to the aci, where they attempted to inventory my property as uri had not done that, and they had me sent to the prison hospital after noticing the condition of my left foot, and noticing marks on my body which could not be explained had me put on medical observation the entire time I was held, eaning not only could I not pray I could not make phone calls even to lawyers.
When the courts learned about my medical conditions contradidcting the charges I was accused of I was released on December 2, and the violation I was held on continued.
That this was done by the uri and south kingstown pigs shows not only are they cursed by god, but have no regard for due process and are a band of thugs who deserve whatever they get.
I am even meeting with my doctors about the unexplained injuries from being beaten while handcuffed to the hospital bed,and am working with lawyers to retrieve my missing property.


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