Friday, December 18, 2015

Recent Zendran police brutality sandy hook connection

On this third anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting several disturbing facts few realize have come out about two individuals who figured prominently in that incident.
The first involves the Connecticut State Police lt. who was in charge of the Sandy Hook lockdown, mike jagoda, who was honored for his role, even though his forces arrived at least a half hour after Adam Lanza killed himself and there was no threat
A year later he was appointed head of the uri pd, and was head of that department when his pigs beat me on 13-14 November 2015
Ever since he took over that force he gutted that once fine force by turing it into penis breath dooley's praetorian guard, as incidents like the one I experienced have now become commonplace there.
Another person who figured prominently in that incident was frank sippy, Superintendent of the school system of the neighboring school district, who has held Superintendent posts in the region around Sandy Hook since January 1990, and has been responsible for formulating the policies which caused Adam Lanza to act psychotic, and who's school system experienced an incident similar to what occurred at Sandy Hook months after Adam Lanza's actions…/Loaded-Magazine-of-Gun-Foun…

I was at Chariho Middle School during the four months sippy was active principal there, his last principal job before being offered a Superintendent job in Connecticut, even the Gym teachers were terrified of him and many students there, myself included experienced legal problems for the first time because of sippy.  Policies enacted by him cause students to behave either extremely docile or extremely psychotic.
If anything the lockdown mike jagoda imposed was not to stop any shooter, but because he was aware other people might act psychotic because of sippy. One tragedy was that Lanza did not do the World a favor and get rid of jagoda and sippy.


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