Saturday, April 16, 2016

Zendran criminalized again for medical issues

On March 15 I was in Middletown near the base when I had a bad reaction to some street people with bad odor that I began coughing. When one of the bums complained I told him to deal with it, and he told me to meet him outside. When I stepped outside and told him to come meet me outside he called 911, and the middletown pigs claimed I threatened to kill him and arrested me for disorderly conduct, even ignoring the fact I had papers on me from Backus hospital demonstrating that I had recently been treated for a respiratory condition. Once at the station they not only refused to allow me to pray, claiming my matches were excessive tobacco paraphernalia, they stole $20, my tie, and claimed I was an out of control vigilantie.
When I was brought to court the next day the riag violated the sentence I was on for beating up that arsonist and judge hastings refused my request to enter no plea as I noted I had no defense counsel. Once brought to the aci the RI Sherrifs made sure all my personal property was sent to my place, however I was placed in isolation once blood was noticed all over my socks, and I remained on isolation after some pigs harassed me for being Zoroastrian, where I threw urine at those pigs then jammed my cell door when they attempted to mace me. On March 22 hastings gave me six months straight probation without suspended time with 30 days to serve on the violation. I remained in isolation until being released yesterday.
It should be noted that not only was I persecuted because of my religion and ethnicity, but because of an everyday medical issue people experience. Additionally, at the time I had been confronting trita parsi and niac over their attempts to secularize and americanize NoRuz, and had been confronting the Jordanians, Egyptians, and UAE over their involvement in the North Thunder military operation, and I had been confronting the provaceturs involved in the presidential riots. Additionally, I had been confronting major retard jagoda over his odd actions regarding odd resignatons in the CT State Police, and over the odd behavior of the uri pigs.
Not only are the middletown pigs forever cursed by Dadvah Ahura Mazda for criminalizing Zoroastrians they have no consideration for people with serious medical conditions beyond their control, do NOT assist them.


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