Monday, September 26, 2016

Iran betrayed by rouhani in his unga speech

In his speech at the un general assembly on 22 September 2016 rouhani made two disturbing statements, which can be viewed on his website
The first, maintaining that he planned to implement the nuclear deal, is not a surprise, but shows that this act will leave Iran vulnerable to invasion
The second and just as alarming statement was that he would not use Iran's military against any other country, and not to quell nationalist groups inside Iran
It should be noted after george w bush invaded Iraq and deposed saddam hussein that bush and other american government members and elitists came up with the plan of giving overt support to nationalist groups inside Iran, specifically arab Khuzestan, Baluchistan, azeri, and northern Iran separatists, including those seeking an independent Mazendaran.  If rouhani is advocating this he is a traitor preparing Iran for invasion who must be executed.  As much as an independent Mazendaran sounds tempting, I would not want it at the price of american/foreign backing.


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