Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is Iran fucked?

The anti-rouhani/anti-rajavi demonstrations days ago brought a chilling fact about the Iranian community to light.  That despite the best intentions of Iranian leaders, the majority of the Iranian community outside of Iran are content to complain about but take no constructive action to improve their living situation.  That brings us to a crucial question

Is Iran fucked?

The recent demonstrations I and other Iranians had in New York City during the united nations general assembly highlight this point.  The demonstration I held last year was timed to compete with rajavi’s mek/ncr demonstration, and rajavi and her associates realized this.  They understood that I noticed the timings of their previous demonstrations coincided exactly when rouhani, as well as previous jomhori mollah presidents, would be speaking at the un.  I also knew they were reading my online posts, as I continued to confront them about their lies, and how their comments on jomhori mollah demonstrated that they had moles in the Iranian government.  I also knew having confronted rajavi’s associates in the past that many were Royalists and other resistance who simply with rajavi because of the size of her organization, so some alternative had to be provided.  After the success I had last year chasing rouhani out of New York and in getting other Iranians to disassociate themselves from rajavi something had to be done in 2016.  Realizing the formula of picketing at the embassy worked in hitting jomhori mollah and rajavi I chose that venue again this year.

While I noticed the effect on rajavi’s associates was noticeable, the effect on rouhani was not noticeable until later that day, for even though the NYPD SWAT and Secret Services units were noticeable, as the Iranian embassy security did not want to confront me directly as I was in uniform, the fact that rouhani’s plane was circling New York, my having sent him and others in the Iranian community and armed services pictures of my picket that morning, was not made known until later that afternoon, demonstrating my presence had an effect.
The next day when meeting with an Imperial Iranian Air Force Sarhang who had been involved with resistance work under Arteshbot Oveissi at a restaurant in Watertown, he was incredulous at what had happened.  He, like many others in the Iranian community, had been so used to talking about resistance and removing jomhori mollah that taking constructive action had not been done.  Understanding conventional conflict he, and the majority of the Iranian community, fail to understand asymmetric and clandestine conflict, which Jahanbani and Habibollahi understood, and which Reza Pahlavi, Arianna, Oveissi, Bakhtiar, and others failed to comprehend to the detriment of the Iranian community.  Even though this Sarhang agreed with me about the complacency of the Iranian community, he himself was behaving in similar fashion, for even though he could not assist me directly he could have done so indirectly.  This is what the Iranian community, mostly abroad, has come to, people more in love with ideas they either forget or are unable to implement them.
The incredulous attitude of that Sarhang was all the more shocking as I had known him for years and he had seen firsthand the effect I had in getting the investigation into Prince Ali-Reza’s death, in the effect I had on the course of the occupy movement, how I had brought down many corrupt people in government and the community who were a menace to the Iranian community, including putting local associates of rajavi and trita parsi’s niac on the defensive, effectively hindering their operations.  Yet he and those in the Iranian community, mainly those in the area I live and do my activities, fail to act and take advantage of any success I and others bring to them.
The fucked nature of the Iranian community compose in many forms.  It is most noticeable in the young and stupid who comprise the majority of the Iranian community.  These are the ones who obtain college degrees with little effort as the criteria for work they have to obtain them has been lowered so that they can not apply the knowledge which those degrees signify.  They are the ones who spend whatever money they have on food and material without any consideration of the effort others made to make that very food available to them.  They are the ones who are awed by the technological wonders of countries outside Iran, be it britain, america, usw. who have used that technology in a harmful way against us but who scarcely comprehended what was need to make that harmful, and are so bamboozled by that technology they fall not just for it but for the lies and degeneracy of the invading countries and cultures that use that technology.
Consider how the Iranian community reacted to the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.  That program was created in 1973 by Mohammed Reza Shah as a means to defend Iran and reduce dependency on Oil and fossil fuels.  One of the few smart things jomhori mollah did after deposing Mohammed Reza Shah was to continue that program, particularly with aggressors like saddam hussein, osama bin laden, and military buildups in Russia, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and an increasing american military presence in Khalj Fars.  The Iranian community and the World saw the folly of disarmament at the insistence of america paved the way for Iraq, Libya, Haiti, Liberia to be invaded, and how american backed uprisings in the name of democracy caused instability in Egypt, Bahrain, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria.  Iran even got a taste of this in 2009 when dick holbrooke persuaded mir hossein mousavi and his supporters to first attempt to rig the Iranian presidential election then riot when that attempt failed, with the suppression of those rioting making those who followed the lead of Habibollahi and Jahanbani like Ali Montazeri and Ali Shamkhani under greater pressure to assist their community outside of Iran working for change.  Yet many young, stupid, and materially affluent Iranians fell for the sophisticated rhetoric of trita parsi and his niac followers in backing the hypocrites in the peace movement in supporting nuclear negotiations.  Even though many Iranians followed the lead of myself and others, those in the american, british, french, and chinese governments who have been exploiting Iran backed the jenda farangi niac hajjibaba.  Only the weaknesses in the american and british governments from years of fruitless attempts at repressing Iranians and other foreigners who do not fully conform, and chinese and french governments so desperate for money they copy Iranian and other foreign technology, specifically military technology, and sell it to terrorists and those who will use it against anyone.
At present the Iranian community abroad is comprised of many who are old and want to act but lack the wherewithal to demonstrate their perceptions, and the young who are bombarded with the influences of the foreign environments they are in that few can think straight and act, and the cultures they clash with taking advantage of this weakness, particularly in america and france.  Unless the Iranian community follows those like myself who are willing to take bold, decisive action they are fucked.


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