Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On motivation behind Adam Lanza's actions at sandy hook four years ago

Four years ago today Adam Lanza, who had been maltreated while attending school in newtown, ct because of abusive policies implemented by a malicious administrator named frank sippy, snapped in the school, sandy hook, he experienced the maltreatment in and shot up the place before committing suicide.
In describing the psychosis Lanza was experiencing the maltreatment by sippy was overlooked.  This is crucial as frank sippy maltreated children in districts he worked as a principal and superintendent in connecticut and rhode island, causing school corporal punishment to be abolished in those states, and he was simply moved around between school districts rather than admit that they were wrong to hire him.  Today students in districts where sippy had worked continue to act violent and or psychotic, yet nothing is done to address the roots of their behavior by removing abusive school administrators like sippy permanently from their positions.
Additionally, minutes after Lanza’s actions sippy put his district on lockdown, despite the fact the shooting was over and there was no credible threat, and the connecticut state pigs, led by mike jagoda, responded 30 minutes after Lanza was dead, only responded by further detaining the children at sandy hook when there was no threat, and received bogus awards for their actions rather than admit their failures.  Earlier this year an attempt by jagoda to become chief of the connecticut state police was blocked by outraged people, myself included, who complained not just about his failures, but also by policies he implemented at his new job at uri, where his “community policing” programs have alienated the community, allowed students to act out, and the campus he is in charge of safety at has regular disease outbreaks because of unsanitary conditions his policies created.
If people want to honor the memory of those who died at sandy hook they would be best served by going after those in government who created the abusive conditions which caused the psychosis Lanza experienced rather than scrape before them in the name of safety.  At present the phrase “sandy hook” is used by corrupt people in government as an excuse to do whatever they want all it will achieve is an incitement to violence against all those in government for failure to root out their own corruption.


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