Friday, December 02, 2016

Zendran political/religious prisoner

On Friday November 4 I was informed by the Washington county ri courthouse that an affidavit warrant had been issued by the south kingstown police, but that I would be given until the following Monday to turn myself in.  Later that night three rookies on the north kingstown pd spotted me at the Walmart and arrested me as I was exiting that place.  Once at the station they complained about my praying, claiming my lighter and matches were tobacco paraphernalia, and called south kingstown, who brought me to their hq, nd once there they told me that they made the offer to turn myself in thinking I would have no contact, and the warrant was issued in regards to my fighting off an attacker at a local store, even though when they responded two days before they claimed the store was at fault for serving food in unsanitary conditions and I acted defensively, however they decided to charge me and the attacker and I was held at aci intake without bail, however they did allow one of my friends to come and pick up my belongings.

Once I was arraigned that Monday Judge houlihan concurred that I acted defensively because of unsanitary conditions, but went along with the ri attorney general’s request to violate me, claiming I had too many violations, however when asked to consider my posts regarding kevin barry which cost him his job and against colleen hastings claimed that despite the impact my writings have had over the years I had broken no laws, and gave me bail on the charge and violation.  On November 16 I was ordered held until December 1 by the same judge as a violator, as I had an appointment for necessary treatment for my eyes, and I was released on said date.

While in prison not only was I deprived of my religious rights I learned that many of the inmates had been arrested around the same time as myself, and were scheduled for release around a similar date, as there had been a statewide sweep because of the election, which I watched on Telemundo with one of El Chapo’s associates.  I additionally learned that the chief of the south kingstown pd, vespia, had resigned days before my arrest, partly because of harassment I and others had received because of policies he had implemented

Not only was I criminalized because of my political and religious background, I was criminalized because of a visual disability beyond my control, and caught up in a sweep because of the 2016 election, and it is not clear who authorized that sweep, however it shows just how corrupt and godless rhode island has become and how it is ruining others around it as a result.


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