Saturday, December 03, 2016

On reza pahlavi's recent dealings with trump

For reza pahlavi to send this letter to donald trump demonstrates his deficincies for he is endangering the Iranian community by courting trump
Ever since he left Darydar Habibollahi in the lurch during the Tabarzin incident reza pahlavi has shown that he is not willing to take the necessary actions to remove jomhori mollah, thus paving the way for the very terrorism he decries to flourish.  He also forgets that Mohammed Reza Shah started Iran's nuclear program in 1973 in order to protect Iran from invasion and to provide an alternate source of energy.  By asking trump to attack jomhori mollah he is paving the way for war with Iran, and the entire World, which will see the destruction of the very people needed to rebuild Iran and remove the very terrorist mollah he professes to despise.
I wonder if his mother will remind him that the very people who helped him and his family settle in america knew at the time how crooked trump fleeced people to advance himself.


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