Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update on Zendran legal situation

This morning I met with the people from PERA about my case. From the interviews done with the members of the ppd I have filed complaints about in regards to the harassment I have recieved they keep trying to change their stories and try to justify their actions based on complaints, crank or other, filed about me. When I spoke with the investigator at PERA I was told the nature of the complaints and warrants, be they legitiamte or not, are not considered by PERA. Neither is the fact that I was found Not Guilty on the bogus charges. Neither is the political considerations such as the charges coinciding with my case in the US Supreme Court and the criminal actions of the bank towards me being considered as factors in my case. Essentially, the city of providence is caving in and it lookslike my complaint is being killed.Also when I last spoke with the FBI about my case I had been told that the file on me could not be found, though some of the agents congratulated me on my successful defense.Another incident of legal harassment I have experienced is that once again brown's administration is trying to ban me from the campus. This stems from my contacting brown's administration in regards to their dealing with the same bank which had embezzled my fortune. When I went to arrange a meeting with the provost on April 14 I was told I was banned from the campus. When I contacted browns public safety department about it that same day they tried to cite an invalid citation from 5 years ago and they tried to cite me again, and once again I refused to sign and acknoweledge the trespass by signing it and therefore give it any legitemacy. Nevertheless brown has threatened me with arrest, yet my many contacts at brown continue to invite me to events, including the Finkelstein event I attended last night. On this incident I will defend myself by any means necessary.One final piece of news, the aclu has refused to meet with me about my recent situation, be it in regards to further action from PERA or about the illegal actions by brown. Looks like they are showing their true colors.
Peter Z


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